Assistant Professor, Comedy Writing and Performance

The Theatre Department seeks the addition of a tenure track comedy-writing faculty. A secondary emphasis in performance is encouraged. Teaching three courses per semester, with substantial service expectations, the incumbent will participate broadly in our learning community, while engaging substantially with the field via creative endeavor and/or scholarship. The best qualified candidates will have experience in teaching a diverse student body and an aptitude for mentoring students.

The incumbent will be charged with developing innovative pedagogical strategies within existing curriculum, revising existing curriculum, and developing new curriculum as needed to meet the needs of the Comedy Writing and Performance B.A. Degree. The incumbent’s pursuit of tenure will require the production of a substantial and distinctive body of work. The ability to deploy administrative experience in service to the program, department, and student-centered co-curricular activities would be welcome.


• Participate broadly in our community of students, artists, and scholars

• Teach three courses per semester

• Create a substantial body of creative work and/or scholarship consistent with department and college tenure criteria

• Cultivate a substantial service portfolio that promotes student success

• Find additional areas for leadership and guidance in the department. These may include but are not limited to: playwriting, acting, and professional readiness.

• Mentor a diverse student body

• Participate in recruitment efforts

• Other duties as assigned


• M.F.A. or Ph.D. in Theatre, Creative Writing, or related discipline by time of appointment

• Substantial professional experience (minimum 5 years) as a writer or director in the fields of sketch, standup, film, television, or internet comedy

• Demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching in a culturally pluralistic environment

• Demonstrated ability to teach and engage students with a wide range of academic preparedness

• Ability to develop a substantial body of work consistent with department and college tenure criteria through creative endeavor and/or published scholarship

• Experience leading conversations regarding the ways that comedy intersects with discourses regarding race, power, gender, and sexuality in the classroom and in mentorship situations

Applications will be accepted through December 14, 2018. To apply, please follow this link: