Artistic Director - Hickory Community Theatre

The Artistic Director is responsible for: advancing the Theatre’s mission, implementing the artistic vision and upholding our values; providing leadership to advance the Theatre’s mission, implement the artistic vision and uphold our values; and creating a sustainable operating model for the future. The Artistic Director is expected to embrace a highly interactive atmosphere centered on inclusion, respect, discovery and collaboration. The Artistic Director leads all activities related to the creative and production aspects of a theatre organization. These roles and responsibilities include but are not limited to: Organizational Mission and Artistic Vision, Production Management, Directorial Management, Company Management and assisting with Volunteer Management.

Capabilities: Demonstrated creative experience in theatre endeavors with a record of success is required. However, there is no specific theatrical background that will receive preferential consideration. The drive to be a cultural, artistic, and community leader is essential. Soft Skills: The ideal Artistic Director will be a creative thinker who is open to new ideas and opportunities as an innovator of multifaceted productions and programs. The ability to flexibly meet the demands of a contemporary theatre organization is helpful.

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