BTN Executive Board 2016-2018

“i choose BTN because the organization allows me the space to develop as a director, producer, author, and as an individual artist. BTN has enabled relationships for me with colleagues who inspire me, motivate me to continue seeking excellence, and encourage me to serve my community through theatre performance. BTN has provided contacts with designers, actors, and directors that have brought their work to quite a few of my theatres’ stages. mostly, though: BTN is my family; my colleagues here are a constant source of knowledge, encouragement, friendship, and positive energy.”
— -Immediate Past President, kb saine

President: John Shevin Foster

Vice President: Andre Harrington

Treasurer: K. Zaheerah Sultan

Asst. Treasurer: Reggie Wilson

Secretary: James Brown

Asst. Secretary: Greg Williams

Parliamentarian: Chris Berry

Public Relations: Marcia Pendelton

Membership Chair: Daphnie Sicre

Undergraduate Liaison: Denise Folley 

Graduate Liaison: Dexter Ramey

Immediate Past President: kb saine

consultants: Gregory Horton, Kathryn Ervin, Michael Dinwiddie