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Black Theatre Network, a national organization of theatre scholars and practitioners, is pleased to announce its call for papers for the next edition of its online scholarly refereed journal, CONTINUUM:  a Journal of African/Diaspora Drama, Theatre and Performance.  CONTINUUM links the past, present and future of scholarly inquiry into the history, theory and criticism that serves our discipline.  Our inaugural issue launched in June 2014. The anticipated publication for the next edition (3.2) is anticipated for November/December 2016.

For this issuewe welcome submissions of essays on any aspect of theory, history, or criticism with a topic located  in theatre, drama or performance in Africa and the African diapora outside of the United States.   Dr. Sandra Adell is our lead editor on this issue.

Submissions should be no longer than 6250-6500 words in length and follow Chicago Manual of Style formatting.  An abstract of up to 250 words should accompany the manuscript, as well as a one-paragraph biography of the author.  Electronic submission instructions and a brief submission form can be found at  Our deadline submission date is September 26, 2016. Our journal does not publish plays.

Reviews of books on any aspect of African diaspora drama, theatre, and performance  and reviews of relevant productions mounted during the 2015-2016 season should also be submitted for consideration.  Reviews should be up to 1250 words in length; reviewers should follow the same electronic submission instructions listed above.  

As a continuing feature, we publish production photographs; we will accept up to four photographs each from productions mounted during the 2015-2016 theatre season.  Please follow the instructions for submission of photographs on our web site.

The executive editorial board of CONTINUUM includes Dr. Sandra Adell, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Dr. Paul Bryant-Jackson, Miami University of Ohio; Dr. Sandra Shannon, Howard University; and Dr. Beth Turner, Florida A&M University, Dr. Sandra Addell also serves as our book review editor; Ms. Rebekah Pierce, founder of the Pierce Agency LLC, is our production review editor.  Dr. Freda Scott Giles, University of Georgia (Emerita), is managing editor.